Your Ultimate Guide to CBD Vaping

CBD Vaping

CBD vape oil and CBD (cannabidiol) have both become some of the hottest health and wellness supplements all over the world. There have been countless news articles covering CBD oil, contributing to its popularity.

CBD is one of the two major cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant; THC is the other. Unlike THC, it is legal to possess and use CBD in most countries across the planet.

By 2021, purchases of CBD and other cannabinoid products are expected to quadruple. This rise in popularity is unprecedented. 

You can buy a range of CBD products. Among them are: 

  • CBD oil
  • CBD sprays
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD patches
  • CBD water
  • CBD juices
  • CBD lip balm
  • CBD lotion
  • CBD cosmetics

As well as many others.

It is also possible to purchase CBD vape oil.

Each of the products listed above can be absorbed through the skin or via digestion through the mouth and stomach – except CBD vape oil. When CBD is taken through these other methods, there is the possibility that it will not penetrate the skin or that the liver will not filter it out of the bloodstream.

CBD vape oil, however, is a very efficient way to take cannabinoids. CBD vaping increases the rate of absorption, meaning the effects of this form of CBD can be felt much more rapidly.

Considering these reasons, among others this article will discuss, it’s not hard to see why there is such an interest in CBD vaping. Here, you can expect to learn:

  • What CBD oil is
  • What are the benefits of using CBD oil 
  • How to vape CBD 
  • How much to take
  • Potential side effects and risks associated with it.

Here is the ultimate guide to CBD vaping.


What Is CBD Oil?

CBD VapingCannabidiol (CBD) is a compound extracted and separated from specific strains of the cannabis plant, known as hemp. The specific strains usually chosen are low resin agricultural hemp crops grown from pedigree seed.

The reason hemp tends to be used over traditional cannabis drug plants is that CBD is the second most abundant compound in hemp, typically representing up to 40% of what is extracted from the plant.

Overtaking CBD to become the most abundant compound in hemp is THC, which is why some people believe that CBD oil can make you experience the ‘high’ associated with cannabis, but this isn’t the case.

Fact: CBD is completely isolated from THC during the extraction process in order to comply with federal legislation that mandates CBD oil must contain less than 0.3% THC to be considered legal.

Hemp plants are favored for CBD oil because they have lower resin levels, which is in line with the prevailing federal law from the 1970s that states resin from any part of the marijuana plant is strictly out of bounds.

Interestingly, most hemp farmers consider CBD oil to be a byproduct of industrial hemp that is initially grown for other purposes.

Many will even sell unused hemp biomass to businesses that specifically want to extract CBD oil from leftovers, though a few are now attempting to invest in this “dual-purpose” practice of extracting CBD oil themselves.


Benefits Of CBD Oil

Many studies show how CBD oil can improve your health and wellness. Here are a select few of the benefits.

Better Concentration

CBD Vaping

One of your body’s primary aims is to achieve homeostasis. Each time you face a problem that affects your focus or state of mind, your body tries to correct it to achieve the balance it craves. 

CBD can relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, meaning you will have better concentration and find it easier to focus.

Increased Motivation 

CBD Vaping

THC, the marijuana compound responsible for getting you high, has a negative impact on your motivation. However, researchers believe that CBD has the opposite effect.

Researchers released the results of a study investigating the effects of CBD on motivational disorders.  Preliminary “findings suggest promising treatment effects and potentially overlapping mechanisms of action for CBD in these disorders and indicate the need for further systematic investigation of the viability of CBD as a psychiatric pharmacotherapy.”

The study goes on to say that CBD could be used as a viable treatment option for people suffering from motivational disorders because it targets a number of motivation-related systems in the brain by modulating the endocannabinoid system.

Better Quality Of Sleep

CBD Vaping

Without high-quality sleep, one will not be as productive as one would otherwise be. Sleep ties into everything you do throughout the day. Concentration, focus and energy are all linked with your quality of sleep.  Failing to get enough sleep every day can increase stress levels, make you more irritable and even have a negative impact on your memory.

Taking CBD oil can make you sleep better and even ease sleeping disorders, such as insomnia. Not only can CBD increase how long you sleep but it can also increase your tolerance to disturbances, meaning that you are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.

When you are more rested, your body works better. Your mental capacity for taking in and processing information is much higher, making you more productive.

Pain Relief

CBD Vaping

A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health looks into how cannabinoids like CBD can help provide pain relief to patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis, muscle and chronic pain syndromes and spinal injuries.

A 2018 review showed that there is enough evidence to suggest that, with safe doses and short-term use, CBD can be used to treat these conditions as well as overall neuropathic pain.


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What CBD Dosage Works Best?

CBD Vaping

There is no universally accepted or daily recommended dosage for CBD oil.

However, it is advised that you start by consuming around 25mg of CBD two times every day (preferably once in the morning and the other dose in the evening). This way, you can add your dosage in increments of 25mg every three to four weeks until you get the most results from CBD.

As a rule, it is crucial that you NOT self-medicate.  Consult with your physician or doctor to ascertain proper dosage for your health status and needs.

The time between consumption and when you feel the first effects of CBD varies depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • CBD content, quality, and potency
  • How you to take CBD (method of consumption)
  • The dose of CBD you consume
  • The effects you are trying to achieve or symptoms you intend to relieve
  • Your weight, and other factors such as other medications, whether you’ve eaten, etc.

Although all of the above factors play a role in how quickly CBD will work in your body, the dominant factor is consumption method.

Generally, you should start experiencing the therapeutic effects of CBD within 1-6 hours, but it can take a longer or shorter time depending on how you take it.

For instance, when you inhale vaporized CBD oil (say through vaping), the effects can kick in as soon as 5-10 minutes after inhalation. Oral intake, on the other hand, takes up to 6 hours before you experience the effects.


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What Is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD Vaping

CBD vape juice is a blend of CBD oil and a carrier liquid that serves as a thinning agent. CBD vape juice is used with a vaporizer. The device heats up the solution to a point where the CBD becomes a vapor, ready to be safely inhaled.

There is a range of CBD vape oil flavors. You can pick something that will complement the natural hemp flavor or try a flavor that provides a completely different experience altogether.

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways to consume CBD oil. This is because when CBD is inhaled directly into the lungs, it is absorbed into the bloodstream far more rapidly than when digested by the stomach. This means you will feel the effects of CBD much faster.

CBD vaping is completely safe. The only byproducts are the vapor containing the CBD and any other components found in the CBD oil, for instance vaporized coconut oil.


Advantages of Vaping CBD Oil

Once you have inhaled the CBD oil and it has been absorbed into your bloodstream, the CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system. This helps maintain the balance for several bodily functions, such as appetite, mood, immune response and energy levels. Endocannabinoid system is also important in helping the body achieve homeostasis.

Here are some of the main benefits of vaping CBD:

  • Very fast absorption. As soon as you inhale the CBD vapor, it passes into the lungs and enters the bloodstream. This process is much faster than digestion through the stomach.
  • Clean. Since vaping CBD only produces vapor, there are no harmful chemicals produced that could cause damage to your body.
  • Discreet. CBD vapes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including battery-powered pens that can fit nicely in your pocket. Plus, once you have taken a drag, the vapor quickly dissipates, leaving no lingering smells that annoy others around you.
  • Fun. After all, CBD vaping should be an enjoyable experience. CBD vape oil is available in a variety of flavors, giving you flexibility and customization unlike any other form of CBD.

How To Vape CBD Oil

CBD Vaping

CBD vaporizers are available for purchase in all different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. You can have portable devices, handheld vapes and even desktop options to satisfy your lifestyle and budget.

If you have never used a CBD vape before, it’s best to start off with a vape pen. This is a system designed for use with replaceable or disposable cartridges filled with CBD juice.

Once you have purchased your device and are ready to start CBD vaping, follow these simple steps:

  1. Switch on your vape (if necessary, activate the battery).
  2. Draw from the vape’s mouthpiece and pull the vapor into your mouth. Note that some devices require you to press a button as you draw.
  3. Once the vapor is in your mouth, inhale it into your lungs. Breathe it in slowly.
  4. Hold it in your lungs for a couple of seconds.
  5. Exhale slowly.
  6. Repeat the previous steps as necessary.

Does Vaping CBD Oil Get You High?

CBD Vaping

This is one of the questions most frequently asked about CBD oil. Fact: CBD oil will not get you high.

This is because the 2018 Farm Bill ensures any CBD for sale must contain no more than 0.3% THC. This low level of THC ensures that no matter how much you smoke, you will not get high. If you tried to do so, your lungs would give out before you absorbed enough THC to achieve the high.

For those who are thinking about CBD vaping for medical reasons, this is great news! It means that you can continue to use your medication without the risk of being high, which could interfere with your everyday activities.

Although CBD itself has no psychoactive effects, you will be able to feel it working once you inhale it. Since vaping is the fastest form of ingesting CBD, you will probably start to feel its effects within a couple of draws. 

What Will You Feel From CBD Vaping?

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For anyone new to CBD, here is what you can expect to experience during your first encounter with CBD vaping.

You will not feel a hazy or clouded mind. It will not interfere with your ability to work or prevent you from performing activities throughout the day. Instead, you will feel clear-headed, more focused and not visually or physically impaired at all. Many people say that they experience instant relief over their entire body once they have had their soon after inhaling CBD.

CBD vaping will reduce the amount of pain you feel throughout your body. The relief lasts a long time. This is especially beneficial for anyone suffering from such chronic conditions as arthritis. One of the reasons for this is because CBD addresses not only the pain symptoms but also has an impact on its root cause, i.e. inflammation.

Many serious diseases start from inflammation. These include conditions such as eczema, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Crohn’s Disease. While treating the underlying causes of these diseases, short-term symptoms can be relieved while simultaneously reducing their  long-term impact.

CBD vaping will also benefit your mental state without any risk of long term impairment. An NCBI study found that CBD reduced stress and anxiety in participants before they were scheduled to speak in a public setting. The results showed they experienced “significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance.” People suffering from chronic or acute anxiety can use CBD vaping to help keep symptoms at bay and even reduce the frequency and severity of panic attacks.


How Safe Is It To Vape CBD Oil?

CBD Vaping

In theory, the practice of vaping should not change the safety of CBD. However, as noted by Michelle Peace, a toxicologist and vaping expert at Virginia Commonwealth University, in an interview with Vice, “when you inhale something as opposed to eating something” (the method by which many other CBD products are ingested) “you do have to be careful about dosing because inhalation is a much more efficient way to get drugs into the system and be active.”

It is claimed that, compared to these other methods, CBD vaping makes the same dose between four and five times more potent, although there is little evidence to support that point.

It is important to note that people are prone to feeling some negative side effects with CBD along with the positive ones. This means that it is important to proceed with caution in CBD vape dosage, just to be safe.

Another important aspect to examine is the regulation (or the lack thereof) surrounding the CBD industry. Just as with smoking, it is possible for vape oils containing toxic substances that cause harm to the body to be sold. For example, although diacetyl (a buttery flavoring agent used for nicotine vapes) is perfectly safe to eat, it can seriously irritate the lungs when inhaled.

Another concern is that the level of CBD and/or THC is often misrepresented.  In 2017, a study of 10 products found that 7 misrepresented how much CBD was present in the solution and that 2 of them contained THC.

Although this is an isolated study, the findings are worth noting.

Some scientists believe that vaporizing whole cannabis compounds, as opposed to burning and smoking them, can lead to complications. This is because vaping fails to break down the waxy material from the cannabis plant’s leaves, which could potentially build up in the lungs and cause irritation. 

In the Vice interview, Peace notes that she found a few worrying substances in some CBD products during her studies. To make things worse, they were not even labelled on the box.

These are, without a doubt, the greatest risks associated with CBD vaping. High concentrations of THC or the failure to truthfully display all ingredients can be major problems because they can lead to an illness that could easily have been avoided.

The obvious advice here is to be aware of the product you are buying. It is tough to spot a questionable source from a reputable brand, so make sure you do your research. If in doubt about any of the ingredients and how they can affect you, consult with your doctor before purchasing and using CBD.


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CBD Vaping Side Effects

CBD Vaping

Drug receptors in the brain act differently from cannabinoid receptors. This does not mean there are no side effects to CBD vaping, though. Although there are plenty of benefits to CBD, there certainly are some side effects. Note also that there is not yet evidence to suggest at what levels of consumption CBD could be fatal.

CBD affects more organs than just the brain, meaning that, if one is sensitive to CBD, one could experience other symptoms, such as increased heart rate, lower blood pressure, redness in the eyes and decreased digestion.

Other side effects include :

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Change in Appetite
  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea 

While these side effects can be common, they are not severe and won’t last for very long. If you do experience any of these side effects, they will feel small compared to what you might experience with other traditional medication methods.

For example, people use CBD oil to relieve their anxiety. Although CBD oil may cause nausea or fatigue, prescribed drugs can actually make the anxiety worse and induce insomnia, along with many other side effects. Indeed, some people don’t like to use certain medications because they think the negatives are far worse than the positives. 

 This is where CBD oil can help. It can provide the required medication these people need while having little to no impact on their everyday lives. They would rather be a little more tired over the course of the day than deal with even worse anxiety.


Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

CBD Vaping

To finish this guide, here are some common CBD vaping mistakes to avoid. The mistakes are easy to make, so be sure you pay careful attention.

Large CBD Bottles

It’s easy to see a big bottle of CBD vaping liquid and thinking provides value for your money.  This is not always the case.

For example, a 10ml bottle of CBD vaping liquid contains around 250mg of CBD; about 2.5% of the solution is CBD. However, a 100ml bottle of CBD vaping liquid that contains 250mg of CBD has a concentration of just 0.25% CBD.

If you vaped the 100ml bottle, you would not experience the same effects as you would from vaping the 10ml bottle.

To avoid this mistake, if you plan on buying larger quantities, read the ingredients and make sure there is enough CBD to make it worthwhile.

Thinking CBD Oil is the Same as Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is much cheaper than CBD oil. This is because it doesn’t contain anywhere near as much CBD.

Don’t be fooled into believing that buying hemp oil will save you money and provide the same experience as CBD oil – it’s cheaper for a reason.

Vaping the CBD Oil Itself

CBD oil is oil. It shouldn’t be vaped because it is not designed for that purpose. It is like putting petrol into a diesel car; they both power the engine, but if you try use the wrong one, the car will break down.

Therefore, don’t try to vape the CBD oil by itself, even if you run out of CBD vaping liquid. 

Remember also that CBD vaping liquid is not oil. This is a very common mistake that can be easily avoided. If you want to take actual CBD oil, use a pipette and drop it on your tongue instead.

Adding Nicotine to CBD Vaping Liquid

Do not buy CBD vape juice that contains nicotine. The nicotine degrades CBD so any of the effects and benefits you expect to feel will be reduced.

If you plan on using CBD vaping to help quit smoking, use another device or another liquid altogether.

Using Large Tanks and Big Coil For CBD Vaping

Another common mistake people make is using a regular vaping device to vape CBD.

Compared to other e-liquids, CBD juice is thinner. If you put it in your device with a large tank and a big coil, the juice is likely to drop out of the air holes. Not only will this waste your CBD and money, but you will also make a mess in your pocket.

Use a starter kit or pod device for CBD vaping. You can pick up a great product for a reasonable price and have multiple devices.


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This is everything you need to know about CBD vaping. You can see that vaping is very efficient for distributing CBD into the bloodstream and will have you feeling the effects much quicker compared to other methods such as topical application or the digestion system. Furthermore, CBD vaping can provide a host of health benefits,  including reduced stress and anxiety, pain relief and better sleep.

Compared to the side effects of other traditional medications, CBD vaping seems like an obvious choice; it is far easier to cope with feeling tired than dealing with the compounded symptoms of the condition for which you are medicating in the first place.

However, as with every product that seems like it’s going to change the world, always remain on the side of caution. There must be regulation in place to ensure THC levels are kept below the legal limits that make them safe for consumption.

Over the next few years, even brighter spotlights will be shined on CBD and its effects. There will be more studies and more published results so that both users and researchers will better understand this chemical. 

Although the results of these future tests are unknown, one thing seems inevitable: CBD isn’t going away anytime soon.

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