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Stories with CBDCBD oil and other CBD supplements are popular ways to treat common conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and other conditions. CBD was only recently removed from the list of illegal substances in the US, so scientists have not been able to conduct as many tests on CBD as we would like.

Only a handful of scientific studies offer proof of the benefits of CBD; people who are interested in taking it have to look to the reviews and stories from others who have tried it first. These stories help to give us an idea of appropriate dosages, effective treatment options, and reliable products.

If you’re considering taking a CBD supplement, here are some stories that may help you decide whether or not it would be right for you.


Brooke Alpert

chronic back pain

Our first story comes from a dietician named Brooke who lives in New York City. Her husband, Todd, has an autoimmune disease that has made it difficult for him to stand or walk for long periods of time. As the years went by, the time that he could endure walking or standing decreased. Eventually, they found themselves changing their lifestyle to accommodate it.

After trying diet after diet as a way to relieve some of his pain, Brooke found out about CBD oil and its benefits for chronic pain. Todd, excited to try something that wasn’t a restrictive diet, quickly agreed.

After about a month, Todd was able to stand and walk for longer periods of time. This allowed him to engage in family activities, like teaching his daughter how to ride a bike. Brooke and her family now all use CBD in some form to improve their lives.

She ends her story by saying, “From my husband’s softgels that he takes every day, to the salves I rub on my daughters’ sore muscles from ice skating to the powder I take during my marathon days, I’m so grateful for new discoveries.”


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Jennifer Still


Jennifer started taking CBD oil to reduce anxiety. At the end of her experience with CBD, she says, “I experienced a subtle but noticeable difference in my anxiety levels.”

She took CBD by placing a few drops under her tongue twice a day. There was no instantaneous switch where she felt less stressed and anxious, but she noticed that little things that used to affect her did not bother her as much.

She also noticed that she got a better night’s sleep while she was regularly taking CBD oil. This, too, could result in less anxiety and stress throughout the day.

Now, she doesn’t take CBD oil as regularly, but she does take it if she anticipates a stressful day.


Benji Jones

joint pain

Benji took CBD oil three times a day for a week. He logged his feelings of anxiety on paper and discussed the results with an expert. He was advised to take about 300mg per day. He ended up taking 250mg in three doses to make sure that he didn’t feel overwhelmed by taking it all at once.

When he took CBD, he noticed that it made him sleepy and lethargic. The expert he worked with told him that this was a normal side effect. 

His main goal was to reduce anxiety. Although he didn’t feel any major immediate change, he did notice that his overall anxiety levels declined throughout the week. There was one occasion where he felt fast results. He says “I happened to take CBD right before I had to do something stressful… I took 100 milligrams, and I pretty quickly felt my nerves calming down.”

Benji decided that he will continue to take CBD on an as-needed basis to help with times when he feels particularly anxious.


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Kelsey Clark

Kelsey started taking CBD Oil to manage her anxiety but found that there were many other benefits as well.

On top of feeling less anxious and on-edge, she reported that she felt more focused at work. In her words, “I’m constantly distracted by email, Slack, and the people around me, to the point where getting my work done becomes difficult. This week, however, I’ve found it easier to put my blinders on, block out all distractions (especially social distractions), and focus on one task at a time.” She also noticed that she could fall asleep faster.

Kelsey took two “full droppers” of her Charlotte’s Web CBD oil every morning. Depending on a number of factors, dosage and the amount of time CBD takes to work can vary. It may be appropriate to split doses up throughout the day, take larger doses, or take doses at certain times of day depending on the desired effect.


April Olshavsky

April is one of many people who use CBD ointment to treat joint pain. Specifically, April used it to manage her Osteoarthritis. Its benefits to arthritis and other joint/muscle pains have made CBD-infused creams and ointments a popular way to target and treat pain.

April uses a combination of a CBD ointment with trigger massages to relieve arthritis in her arms and shoulders. Before she found this treatment routine, she experienced horrible pain. She says, “Normally this would have sent me to the emergency room; I was doubled over in pain.”

With the daily routine of applying CBD ointment and receiving massages, April says “…the pain was noticeably less, but it does take a few minutes to work.” This helps her manage the pain and reduces the occurrence of extreme flare-ups.


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Even though scientific studies are lagging behind, people are still trying CBD oil and talking about the benefits they’ve personally received from using it. If you’re curious about CBD oil and want to know if it will help with a physical or mental condition you have, do some research to find stories from others. It’s a great way to set expectations of potential benefits and also prepare for side effects.

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