Sephora Launched Line Of CBD Products

sephora cbdIn the decade, the decriminalization of cannabis throughout the US and other countries around the world has led to a significant increase in the worth of the CBD market.

As a result, many industries are looking to develop CBD-based products that allow them to infiltrate the lucrative market while also benefitting consumers.

One of the latest industries to make this transformation has been the skincare industry, where CBD is fast becoming one of the hottest beauty and wellness trends.

When you consider that CBD products can be used to help with skin conditions like acne, as well as reducing the impact of aging, it’s no surprise that many companies are turning towards this ingredient for their latest products.

Until the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, however, confusion surrounding CBD products meant that many skincare product providers simply weren’t brave enough to promote this products due to concerns about the legality of it all.

For some time afterwards, the only place you would find these CBD infused products were in small boutiques and businesses, where reputations and moral obligations weren’t so much of a concern.

In recent months, however, this has all changed, with big names like Neiman Marcus and Barneys deciding to sell skincare products containing CBD to their consumers.

Latest turn of events have seen Sephora announcing their own transformation to include a line of skincare products containing CBD, in what would be one of the first major beauty retailers to stock the new, raved about products.

Being a beauty giant with shops in locations all around the world, however, they knew they couldn’t risk going into the process without conducting a large amount of research beforehand.

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This led to a hyper-curated CBD selection process, with Cindy Deily, Sephora VP of Skincare Merchandising, admitting that they tested hundreds of products before deciding on the final options for this line.

The in-depth selection process involved considering the texture, absorption, potency and demonstrable results from the products they would be potentially investigating in.

They also wanted to make sure that the CBD in these products had been sourced from high-quality full or broad-spectrum, domestically-sourced hemp.

Finally, Sephora made the decision to invest in non-isolate CBD, which means that the products they have decided on still contain ingredients such as terpenes, omega fatty acids, and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

When pushed into confirming why they decided to do this, Sephora stated that it believes pairing CBD with other powerful active ingredients is essential for exponentially boosting CBD’s transformative properties.

Sephora has now launched their range of six introductory CBD infused skincare items.

These include Lord Jones’ High CBD Formula Body Lotion, which can be used to hydrate, smooth and cool skin, and Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum, which combines CBD and a number of other active ingredients to create a smoother, more glowing perfection.

To polish off their range, they also have  Flora + Bast Age Adapting CBD serum, which contains over 300mg of CBD oil, essential fatty acids and no water, making it an excellent choice for those looking to slow down the signs of aging and hydrate their skin.

According to Erin Murphy, Senior Research Analysts of Investment Bank Piper Jaffray, Sephora’s decision to invest in CBD skincare is only the start of big retailers interest in cannabis-related beauty.

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He says that the limited CBD products available at Sephora show a curated selection of hemp-orientated products featuring brands that have only dipped their toe in the space, and that as they grow their ranges, so too will the retailers who stock them.

It has been predicted that sooner rather than later, big beauty retailers like Ulta Beauty and E.L.F. Beauty will follow Sephora’s lead and start stocking similar CBD lines themselves.

A large reason for this, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, is the legalization of cannabis around the world.

Not only is this leading to a more advanced market that has led Wall Street to declare CBD infused beauty and skincare products as a stand-alone category, but they are also reducing the stigma of these products.

As this stigma continues to decrease, beauty fanatics will become more enthralled with the vast CBD skincare options available, leading to Sephora and similar brands expanding their ranges to meet demand in the future.

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