New York Spa Now Offering A CBD Immersive Experience

spa cbd new york cityYou don’t have to have visited New York to understand why it’s received an international reputation of being a lively, bustling city at all times of the year.

This can be exhausting, but there’s no shortage of places to rejuvenate yourself, with spa sanctuary’s located in popular destinations throughout the city.

These places provide you with an opportunity to relax through a variety of different offerings, but with so many already around, it’s easy to think that another spa simply isn’t necessarily.

Standard Dose, who opened in May 2019, have managed to break into the oversaturated city with a unique experience that involves the use of CBD.

They’ll be the first spa in New York to offer these services, and one of the first throughout the U.S. since the beginning of the relaxation of the marijuana legalizations.

Located on Broadway and 26th Street, it’s described as having a “NOMAD” neighborhood storefront, with interiors that aim to make you feel at peace the moment you walk inside.

When discussing his decision to start the company, Standard Dose’s founder and CEO Anthony Saniger said, “For me, this is a wellness destination around plant-based medication.”.

His mission, he went on to explain, was to provide people with an alternative to common mental health medications by offering them legal CBDs and therapeutic mushrooms instead.

At its core, there are two different sides to Standard dose; the product side, and experimental treatments.

Spanning across three floors, the upstairs roof area is where host yoga and special programming will be located.

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On the second floor, there is a wellness spa that will offer the majority of their experiment treatments which is due to open this month, in June 2019.

It’s on the bottom floor where you will find the CBD infused products at the forefront, which are also available on their ecommerce store. Their selection includes CBD for sleep issues, hangovers and menstrual pain as well as luxury creams for backaches, among other things.

At the back of the bottom floor, there is also a meditation space with a bar which will serve complimentary CBD teas.

When describing the space he had chosen to host his spa in at a recent press release, Saniger said,

“The space is a physical manifestation of the Standard Dose brand. It’s a calm escape built around guiding and educating consumers on ways to soothe, balance, and alleviate through CBD and plant-based wellness. We want to encourage an informed and honest dialogue about CBD and bring clarity by elevating the standard in a space that is still widely unregulated and misguided.”

Though an experimental spa like the one Saniger has created might sound like it’s breaking the law, he has taken extreme caution to make sure he abides by both state and federal laws.

This means that all his products are made from industrial hemp and contain no more than 0.3 percent THC.

Due to the fact that New York City authorities have recently cracked down on edibles, Standard Dose will be unable to offer them, though a spokesperson has said that the spa will be looking into offering plant-based food in the near future.

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