7 global Trends Affecting CBD Oil Consumption In 2019

CBD Oil Consumption

In most countries around the world, awareness for CBD oil has grown at an exponential rate in recent years. 

Even in countries like the U.S., CBD oil has gone from being a relatively unknown supplement to something most people have at least heard of in a relatively short period of time.

Inevitably, this has led to a significant increase in the number of people consuming CBD oil on a daily basis.

You might think that this is just because global awareness for the cannabinoid has grown.  Although that might be true, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you look closely at the global trends for CBD oil in 2019, you will soon notice that the increase in CBD oil consumption is more complex than you may have originally thought.  


Legalization / Decriminalization Of Hemp CBD Oil 

CBD Oil Consumption

One of the biggest global trends that is having a significant impact on the consumption of CBD oil in 2019 are the changes in legislation around the world.

This new legal status means that more people are able to legally experiment with CBD oil products.

The U.S. has made significant strides towards completely decriminalizing CBD in recent years, especially with key legislation that made hemp CBD oil legal for all.

The Agriculture Improvement Act, otherwise known as the Farm Bill, grants legal status to CBD oil, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC and comes from the hemp plant.

Individual states have been able to update this legislation as they see fit, with some choosing to legalize all CBD oil, regardless of the source or how much THC it contains.

The U.S isn’t the only country working towards legalizing CBD oil, though.

The Home Office in the UK says that hemp derived CBD oil is completely legal as long as it contains a maximum THC content of 0.2%.  The UK says that THC is not easily separated from the rest of the product, though. 

General Practitioners (GPs) are allowed to prescribe other types of CBD oil, such as Sativex, if a patient has not responded to licensed medicines.

Other countries that have legalized CBD oil include: 

  • Canada
  • Chile 
  • Germany 
  • Israel 
  • The Netherlands

Even in countries where CBD oil is not currently legal, things are beginning to change.

With supporting statements from key organizations such as the WHO about the oil’s positive properties, more countries are likely to take steps to legalize CBD oil in the near future.


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Worldwide Availability Of High Quality Products

CBD Oil Consumption

CBD oil consumption is also being positively influenced by the demand for higher quality products around the world. 

For a long time, CBD oil in countries where consumption was legal was unregulated; people didn’t really know what was in the oil they were using. 

Though there are still no strict regulations, education from CBD specialists and other scientists has led to a greater understanding of what to look for in a good product.

Knowing where the higher quality products are convinces more people to give the product a go when seeking to reap their desired effects.

This demand could be a contributing factor to the increase in sales. The industry is expected to sell 1.8 billion U.S. dollars worth of CBD products by 2022.

This demand for more higher quality products is encouraging transparency and is also leading some major CBD oil dispensaries to ship their products to other countries.

This makes CBD oil more accessible and will lead to more people consuming CBD oil containing products over time.  


Increased Medical Research

CBD Oil Consumption

Since gaining popularity, there have been various claims about the health conditions CBD oil can apparently cure.

With similar claims made about so many other supplements that fell short of the wild stories told about them, however, many people found it difficult to take any of these claims seriously.

Despite this, the last few years have seen a complete change in attitude, with many scientists taking on the task of testing these claims.

Admittedly, America was one of the first countries to undertake this task, having made several innovative discoveries over the past few years.

One research study has found evidence that CBD oil can help with heroin addiction, while another has proved that epileptic dogs can benefit from the oil, too.

Researching the health benefits of CBD oil is beginning to grab the attention of international scientists. The UK recently announced the first human study of how CBD oil can help Alzheimer’s patients

In the Netherlands, there are also a number of studies underway to assess the use of CBD oil in children, with some warning that side effects could be more severe, especially if you do not know exactly what is in the product. 


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Celebrity Endorsement Of CBD Oil Products

CBD Oil Consumption

Although CBD oil has been decriminalized in many countries and opinions are quickly changing, there are still significant restrictions on how CBD oil companies can market their products.

This means that many companies rely on endorsements from celebrities to help sell and promote their products. The list of celebrities who have endorsed CBD oil is incredibly long, but some names you might recognize include Seth Rogen, Morgan Freeman, and Montel Williams. 

Actress Olivia Newton-John has been outspoken about her own use of CBD oil to manage her pain after being diagnosed with cancer for the third time in 2018.

It’s not only medical use that these celebrities are endorsing, however.  Many are turning to CBD oil as a solution for a whole host of unusual reasons. 

In fact, Busy Philipps and Mandy Moore have even been reported to support the use of CBD oil to alleviate high heel pain on the red carpet. 

Celebrities are actually a major part of CBD oil consumption, with celebrities like Whoopi Golberg and Snoop Dog having created their own companies to sell the oil to their followers and fans. 


Influencers Partnering With CBD Oil Companies

CBD Oil Consumption

While celebrity endorsements aren’t to be frowned upon, influencer sponsorship campaigns can be more effective.

A recent study found that 44.1% of people tried something recommended by an influencer, compared to just 36.2% of celebrity endorsements.

A big reason for this is because influencers have taken the time to build up their brand, to the point where their followers trust them to be authentic with their recommendations. 

In the last year or so, CBD oil companies have taken advantage of this relationship and have started partnering with global influencers.

To gain the most access to their target audience, these brands will usually locate influencers who fall under the lifestyle bracket, especially on Instagram.

This includes those who post everything from beauty and skincare to wellness and sports related content. 

Influencers aren’t restricted by online advertising rules, so if companies choose an influencer with a significant following, their message will be seen by people all around the world.

Not only is this great for companies who operate and ship internationally, or at least to all countries where doing so is legal, but it’s also good news for the CBD oil market and consumption rates over a longer time. 

You could say that this global trend is also responsible for helping to change opinions about CBD oil, since many people trust what an influencer has to say more than information found on other media mediums. 

If you were to see someone you respected and looked up to using CBD oil, are you going to think badly of them, or CBD oil? 

Especially when an influencer talks positively about how the oil has changed their life for the better, they’re going to be make people challenge their own negative judgements. 


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Wellness And ‘Natural’ Health Supplements

CBD Oil Consumption

In 2019, wellness is considered a top priority by many people.

This can be partly attributed to the increased interest in self care activities as the term gains popularity on various social media websites.

Those who use this term are looking for the best way to stay physically and mentally well by engaging in activities that will positively benefit them.

It isn’t just striving to be better that is convincing people to make changes in lifestyle; it is also the fact that many are looking for more natural ways of achieving this.

With the vast amount of health benefits people have reported from using CBD oil, it’s easy to understand why many are turning towards this as an essential part of their wellness routine. 

This is such a big trend globally that many CBD oil companies are using it as part of their online marketing campaigns, boasting that their CBD oil is the best option available for those wanting to feel better.

For some people, however, wellness isn’t a trend they have jumped on because it’s popular on social media. 

Instead, there are communities of people who have been looking for new ways to treat their conditions for many years.

For these communities, usually of chronically ill people, sharing their stories of CBD oil and how it has helped them, will encourage others to go out and do the same, thus bumping up CBD oil consumption rates. 


Crossover Industry Support

CBD Oil Consumption

We’ve already touched briefly on the negative connotations that used to be attached to CBD oil due to its close relation to cannabis, a previously illegal drug, but for some people, differentiating the two remains difficult.

These negative connotations could have potentially turned large proportions of people against consuming CBD oil.

In the last couple of years, however, there has been a global trend of companies from different industries crossing over into the CBD world to get a piece of the growing market. 

Soon, most industries will have some affiliation with CBD oil, making it a mainstream concept across the board.

Having this in place means it is easier for people who were originally skeptical about CBD oil to start changing their opinion since they can use it alongside existing products and purchase it from brands they love. 

One of the biggest examples of this crossover industry is Sephora, a cosmetics giant who recently launched a range of CBD infused skincare products

Available on their website globally, and in some American stores, these products promote various benefits, including hydration and anti-aging effects. 

Cosmetics isn’t the only industry to do this, however, the food and drink industry is pushing the boundaries of the farm bill to include CBD oil in their products.

This includes coffee shops adding shots of CBD oil to their hot drinks and protein shakes, and breweries serving up their very own CBD oil infused beverages.


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By now, you should be able to see that these global trends are clearly affecting CBD oil consumption rates throughout the world. 

Although some of them may seem like inevitable trends, like the legalization of CBD oil and an increase in medical research, it would be unfair to say that society hasn’t had something of an impact on these consumption rates. 

Indeed, in a world controlled by listening to what others think before trying something ourselves, celebrity and influencer endorsements are going to have a significant impact on whether or not we consume CBD oil.

But, while these trends may be varied, it’s clear to see that they have all achieved one thing: making our world a more CBD oil friendly space, and perhaps a healthier one in the process.

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