CBD Workout Clothes? Yup, They’re a Thing.

CBD Workout ClothesThe CBD trend is showing up in just about every industry now. What started with simple oral supplements, tinctures, and vaping solutions has grown into beauty products, food, drinks, and other consumables.

As studies continue to prove the benefits of CBD products, more and more industries will begin to utilize it. Topical creams have come onto the market to help with arthritis and joint pain. Even beauty products have started to adopt the trend.

The latest development is CBD-infused workout clothing. These outfits have microscopic traces of CBD in their fibers that release as you sweat and move. They can even withstand the washing machine and continue to provide benefits.

CBD has been proven to offer a lot of benefits for aches and pains in muscles and joints when applied topically. While most people get this benefit from salves and creams, CBD-infused workout clothes are an interesting new idea that will provide the same benefits.

These outfits use the advantages of CBD to provide targeted joint and muscle relief immediately during strenuous workouts. With CBD workout clothes, you will experience less joint pain and less inflammation so that you can focus on pushing yourself to achieve new fitness goals.


Where Can You Get It?

Acabada is one of the companies at the front lines of this trend. Their workout clothes are designed to look trendy and sleek. Each garment is infused with up to 25 grams of 99.99% pure CBD. Popular items include sports bras, leggings, zip-up jackets, and shrugs.

The quality of the CBD is extremely important when it comes to receiving health benefits. With Acabada, you know that the CBD is pure so you are getting what you pay for. If the CBD was of a lower quality, you wouldn’t notice a difference between those workout clothes and regular ones.

These clothes can last through 40 wash cycles and still release CBD during workouts. The fiber has a polymer coating that prevents the CBD from evaporating or oxidizing until your workout. The CBD droplets only release when your body is moving and you’re sweating.

Once the CBD is gone from the garment, you are still left with chic, attractive workout clothing.


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How Does It Work?

CBD Workout Clothes

According to CBDKyro, CBD oil works by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. The receptors for your endocannabinoid can be found all over the body. This system supports coordination, movement, inflammation reduction, and pain reduction; all important factors in a good workout.

CBD-infused clothing isn’t just a tactic to get you to spend more money, the topical application of CBD has been scientifically proven to reduce joint pain and muscle aches by reducing inflammation.

When CBD enters into the system topically, a more concentrated dosage reaches your endocannabinoid receptors than if you were to take it orally. When you take CBD orally, your metabolism affects it in a way that decreases the bioavailability of the chemical in your system.

Applying CBD topically also allows you to target the areas that it will affect. Taking it orally will spread the effects over your entire body. Targeting a knee that frequently feels sore–with CBD-infused leggings, for instance–will give you more control over administration.

Not only are CBD-infused workout clothes good for old injuries and painful joints, but they’re also great for treating muscle soreness. Muscle soreness after a workout is a result of inflammation in the muscle. But, CBD is a known anti-inflammatory.

CBD workout clothing will soothe muscles during your workouts for the quickest possible result. By decreasing inflammation, recovery time after a workout is shorter. This can also help to prevent tissue damage that would result in injury.


How Long Do the Benefits Last?

CBD Workout ClothesWhen you apply CBD products topically, the effects last about 5 hours, maybe more. Because the CBD workout clothing only releases CBD as you move and sweat, you should start the countdown from when you hit the peke of your workout.

During this time, you should notice that your joints and muscles feel less stress and fatigue from your workout. Soreness will be decreased because of reduced inflammation.

It’s hard to say an exact dosage or amount of time that will work best because each body is different. Depending on your weight, what you’ve eaten recently, and the quality of the CBD, results can vary.

If you have never used CBD in any form before, it may be a good idea to try salves and creams before making the investment of CBD clothing. That way, you can try different dosages, make sure that your skin won’t react negatively, and see how long effects last for you.


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With all of the benefits of CBD products, it’s no wonder that the market for these products continues to grow and spread across different industries. 

CBD only recently was removed from the controlled substances list, and already it seems like there are CBD products everywhere you turn. By the end of 2019, it’s predicted that CBD sales will reach $813.2 million.

As a consumer, this benefits you because there are a lot of new companies or existing companies with new products that utilize CBD to provide numerous health benefits to you. As studies continue to discover and confirm new ways that CBD benefits our bodies, new opportunities pop up for companies to make new products.

CBD is more accessible today than it has ever been before, and the trend is nowhere close to dying down. In fact, this is only the beginning. In the next few years, we will see more and more innovations that make it possible for us to enjoy the many benefits that CBD can provide.

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