CBD Popularity at an All-Time High Among Americans

CBD oil popularity among Americans

CBD popularity at an all-time high among Americans

A new Gallup poll has revealed that one in seven Americans now reach for CBD for its therapeutic effects.

What was once considered a health and fitness fad has now spread across the country and become a household item.

The poll found that younger Americans and those from Western states are more likely to use CBD products; usage by those under 30 has jumped 20%.

35% of the people who took part in the poll confessed they held no familiarity with CBD products.  This lack of knowledge decreased to 26% in people younger than 30.

The reasons people are opting to use CBD varied across the board.

40% said they used it for pain relief, while 20% gave anxiety as a reason. 11% said it was to tackle insomnia, and 8% said the products helped with arthritis-related pain.

CBD for anxiety relief was more popular among women than men (25% vs 14%); men preferred to use is as a sleep aid more than women (15% vs 8%).

5% admitted that they take CBD for recreational purposes, despite CBD Kyro making it clear that products should not contain THC, the chemical compound responsible for highs in those who smoke cannabis.

Any CBD product that contains more than 0.3% THC is deemed to be illegal by the World Health Organization, so regardless of its newfound popularity, Americans should practice caution when purchasing.

CBD was federally legalized in December 2017 but because it is still being researched, some states are continuing to restrict its use.

Although the Gallup poll found that 1 in 7 (14%) Americans use CBD products, 50% of people have never even touched them.

CBD is officially recognized for its ability to relieve the symptoms of those suffering from epilepsy, but it is also claimed that products can help users to get a better night’s sleep, improve their skin quality, and even improve their sex lives.

That’s right, CBD is now known for reducing pain during sex, stopping the stress and anxieties that come with getting under the covers, help with erectile dysfunction, boost desire levels, and increase the connection between partners.

Of those polled, 4% said they used CBD to help with mental disorders, 2% said it helped their skin, 5% said it relieved symptoms of stress, and 1% even gave it to their pets.

CBD is thought to soothe pets, especially at a young age, to prevent them from getting anxious and irritable.

It’s thought that many Americans take CBD for its long-lasting effects, affordability, and accessibility compared to cannabis.

How long the effects of CBD products last can vary depending on the user’s weight, the dose consumed, and the quality of the product, but one 30ml bottle is thought to last around 13 days when taking a 15mg dose of CBD each day.

Most Americans tend to consume the oil orally through a pipette; others prefer CBD edibles, creams, and vaping.

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