The Surprising Connection Between CBD Oil and Sex

CBD Oil and sex

CBD is now very well known across the USA for helping people deal with both mental and physical health in their day to day lives. 

There’s no surprise that the industry is expected to hit $20 billion by 2024 with the huge growth of studies into the effects of the oil.

Over the last three years, scientists have looked into CBD oil for pain, anxiety, depression, Huntington’s disease and sleep, and found that the cannabinoid can help every one of them in some way, shape, or form.

The benefits of CBD are endless.

And now, CBD is even being investigated for its benefits to a person’s sex life.

It’s something many avoid talking about but hear us out: CBD oil really could transform your sex life.

But if you’re going to trust it can do that, it’s firstly a good idea to know what CBD really is.


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What is CBD?

CBD Oil and sex

CBD is a nonpsychoactive ingredient found in the marijuana plant. It’s a completely naturally occurring substance that is derived from the hemp plant.

Unlike its cousin THC, it won’t give the user a ‘high’. In fact, it’s well-known for having properties which cause quite the opposite.


Where does it come from?

CBD Kyro says that the specific strains which are usually chosen for CBD oil are low resin agricultural hemp crops grown from pedigree seed.

CBD is the second most abundant compound in hemp, which is why hemp is often used over traditional cannabis drug plants.

More CBD oil produced is a byproduct of industrial hemp that is initially grown for other purposes, and many farmers will often sell unused hemp biomass as an extra source of income.

Now that’s over with, we’re onto the fun part. We all know how CBD can help with health conditions, but what actually is the connection between CBD oil and sex, and can it actually change a person’s sex life for the better?

We did some research and found these eleven fantastic benefits that will make you want to give CBD oil a try next time you’re under the covers.

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Relieves pain

CBD Oil and sex

Many women experience pain when having sex, which can leave them feeling anxious or unable to keep up a regular sex life.

However, it has been suggested that women experiencing pain like this should try using CBD as a lubricant. 

Applying CBD oil directly onto a female’s genitals is known to improve blood flow and stimulate natural lubrication to make sex a much more enjoyable experience for women.

This is why it can also be very helpful for women going through menopause who are struggling to naturally lubricate.

Studies also suggest that using CBD oil in this way can decrease inflammation and boost the body’s serotonin levels to help a female’s orgasm to feel stronger and more pleasurable.

However, do practice caution when using CBD as lube as it is oil based, and certainly not latex-friendly!


Stops stress and anxiety

CBD Oil and sex

In the same way that CBD oil is used to prevent stress and anxiety in day-to-day life, it can also help in the bedroom.

Using CBD oil regularly has been shown to stop both parties worrying about sex, and simply get them to relax and enjoy the moment.

Sex performance anxiety is huge and can seriously affect the quality of sex an individual has. Taking CBD is said to rid the mind of negative body images and mood-killing worries to allow both parties to let go.

This is all down to the bonds CBD makes with our body’s receptors in the endocannabinoid system to regulate the nervous system, immune system, and the body’s organs.

CBD can activate these receptors to relieve feelings of nervousness and anxiety before getting under the covers.


Helps with erectile dysfunction

CBD Oil and sex

Erectile dysfunction is very common, particularly in men over 40. Despite being a normal condition that many deal with on a daily basis, it can lead to embarrassment and low self-esteem.

However, in older men, this condition is all down to blood flow. Common conditions that block blood flow to the penis include diabetes and atherosclerosis.

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But what can help to aid blood flow? You got it – CBD oil.

CBD has the ability to repair damaged tissue and increase blood flow to the genitals.

When men get older, the aging process creates a toxin called dioxin which is a known cause of erectile dysfunction.

CBD works to rid the body of dioxin which can significantly help to boost a person’s sex life.


Boost desire levels

CBD Oil and sex

While CBD can help to relax the body and mind, it can also heighten the feeling of desire.

CBD is a vasodilator, meaning that when it is applied to the genitals regularly over time, it can help to dilate the blood vessels allowing fresh, oxygenated blood to flow much easier.

This is often linked to increased arousal and stimulation which allows the body to prepare and feel ready for great sex.

When a person is feeling aroused, the increase in blood flow will be supported by the use of CBD which means nothing can get in the way of good sex between consenting partners. 


Improves connection with your partner

CBD Oil and sex

Many will agree that the key to great sex with a long term partner is a good connection. Much of this is down to oxytocin, a hormone that plays a role in social bonding, sexual reproduction, childbirth, and the period after childbirth. 

CBD can help to boost these levels to keep your body’s level of social interaction high.

In turn, this helps the body to communicate and send better signals to a partner when it is ‘in the mood’. 

Being able to communicate properly with a partner both physically and mentally is the ultimate way to boost sexual interaction, and CBD can help.


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Reduces postmenopausal symptoms

CBD Oil and sex

The earliest records of using cannabis for gynecological uses of date back around 4,000 years to Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

It was used to help aid painful menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, painful urination, PMS, pain during sex and even sickness during pregnancy. 

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But most of all, it was used for its Aphrodisiac uses in helping women to let go and feel more during sex.

Estrogen levels in the female body can constantly change women’s endocannabinoid system, with levels start increasing at day one of the menstrual cycle and peaking with ovulation, then decreasing until the period starts again.

Estrogen levels play a huge part in decreasing anxiety and depression levels in women to boost libido, a person’s sex drive.

Reduced estrogen levels can cause postmenopausal women to develop higher nerve densities in the vagina, meaning sex can be more painful and natural lubrication lessens.

CBD can help to boost estrogen levels which dip during menopause to help women feel a higher sex drive and more confident in themselves post-change.


Getting pregnant

CBD Oil and sex

Research has shown that cannabinoids help significantly when it comes to fertilization and early pregnancy. Endocannabinoid levels decrease after ovulation, with scientists linking low levels to successful pregnancies. 

This is why women who use cannabis regularly have lower fertility levels, as THC could overpower the body’s attempt to lower cannabinoid levels after ovulation.

Some studies have suggested that CBD could make labor easier and shorter, however, it is suggested that women who are considering taking CBD to aid pregnancy should speak with their doctor first.

Not enough studies have been done to confirm that CBD will definitely aid pregnancy and labor, which is why speaking to a doctor is best to assess your individual case.


Same experience without the high

CBD Oil and sex

Many boast about the great effects of smoking cannabis and having sex for keeping the body in the moment. 

However, for those who have to take regular drug tests at work, don’t have time to ride out the high or have children, using THC simply isn’t an option.

If you’re looking to try something similar, it is strongly suggested that CBD has all the great physical effects of using THC during sex, just without the mental high which can throw your day way off-track.

Using micro-dosages of CBD can help to relax the body enough for great, pain-free sex, without having to fight with your mind day-long to throw the high off.

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Helps to ‘sync’ orgasms

CBD Oil and sex

The best sex is when both parties reach orgasm, right? However many men struggle with finishing too early, while quite contrarily women worry about taking too long. 

The different effects that CBD has on the different genders can actually help to level the time it takes to reach orgasm making sex a much better experience.

A survey by Remedy Review conducted on 502 people found that after taking CBD for sex, men reported lasting 31% longer before reaching orgasm.

Women, on the other hand, reported reaching orgasm 33% faster. This means partners are helped to stop worrying about how long it takes them to orgasm, and more about enjoying the time spent together. 

72% of the men surveyed said their orgasm was more intense, the same as 76% of women.


Confidence to try new things

CBD Oil and sex

Couples who have been together for a long period of time often report that their sex life becomes less exciting than it did when they first met.

Nine times out of ten experts say it’s nothing to worry about, and that simply more excitement is needed.

One way to tackle this is by trying new things in the bedroom, however many are scared to try and worry about their partner’s reaction to new introductions and killing the mood.

Taking CBD has actually been shown to help couples to try new things as they feel much more relaxed and motivated to put more energy into having great sex.

Many find that they feel more agreeable to the wants and needs of their partner, get more easily aroused and feel comfortable to introduce new things.

CBD also helps with connection, as discussed earlier, making partners much more comfortable when discussing their sex life and suggesting new things.


Helps with the aftermath

CBD Oil and sex

Although sex doesn’t quite get you moving enough to make for a workout replacement, it is still highly physical and can lead to many feeling uncomfortable, sore, or just fully exhausted afterward, particularly when it comes to the older generation.

Taking CBD for sex is known to not only help in the act but also afterward, too.

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Users often find that they feel less sore after sex, which can be put down to the effects of using CBD oil for lube.

Many also tend to notice CBD is a great way to wind down with a partner after sex thanks to its tendency to relax both the body and mind.

This, mixed with hormones released from sexual activity can lead to an amazing night’s sleep.


The bottom line

CBD presents all sorts of benefits when it comes to sex, which all link to how the body is feeling overall.

If the body is feeling uncomfortable or anxious, sex can be difficult to get around to in the first place and then even more difficult to reach orgasm.

CBD can help not only to reach orgasm in general but also to make it a much more powerful feeling.

It’s also great for reducing pain during sex, which will help women to relax and enjoy time in the bedroom rather than worrying about soreness.

The best news is that CBD has benefits for all couples, no matter what stage of life. It’s fantastic to help new, young couples to try new things, but also to help older men with erectile dysfunction, help women with pregnancy and to give a new-found confidence to women who are postmenopausal.

Of course, studies into the effects of CBD are still very much ongoing and the FDA continues to be wary of its use, so you may want to consult with your doctor before using CBD, especially if you are pregnant.

Definitely be careful not to use CBD oil as lube if condoms are your only form of birth control, either!

Using CBD oil can be a great experience for people of all ages and unless you try it, you’ll never know exactly what benefits you could reap from it.

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