89% Of Seniors Recommend CBD Oil To A Friend

cbd for seniorsCannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound derived from the marijuana plant that has many perceived health and wellbeing benefits, with few—if any—serious side effects.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD will not provide you with the ‘high’ feeling many often report from marijuana and other cannabinoids. This is because it does not contain THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid.

Though awareness for this is growing, many are still unaware of the differences, which has led CBD to gain a reputation of being most common among millennials and younger audiences.

It could also be argued that the aforementioned generations are more open to change and trying new things, whereas the older generation tend to be more commonly stuck in their ways.

Though this has definitely been the case for many matters, research by Remedy Review suggests that even the older generation is warming up to the impact CBD could have on their lives.

The research in question involved surveying over 1000 seniors who were at least 54 years old.

One of the preliminary results that were used to determine the rest of the statistics mentioned in this article revealed that 9% of this demographic had tried CBD for health-related purposes.

This may seem small in practice, but it is a rapid increase compared to previous years.

Further research that analyzed social media posts and other public comments also discovered results that suggest seniors are more accepting of the drug than we thought, having been responsible for generating 41% of the posts analyzed. To put it in perspective, this was the same amount generated by millennials during the same period.

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With that being said, Remedy Review still shows a large proportion of seniors who are not engaging in CBD for medical reasons.

They predict there are a few reasons for this, one of which being that the long list of benefits sound too good to be true. Misunderstandings about CBD’s connection to THC could also be to blame.

Even those who did use CBD seemed to be more cautious than younger generations, with 42 percent saying that they had read research studies about CBD’s benefits before giving it a go themselves.

A further 41 percent of this number were using the products directly to relieve symptoms they had previously researched.

Some of the most common reasons for seniors turning to CBD for the health needs include reducing inflammation, chronic pain, poor sleep quality, arthritis and anxiety.

Surprisingly, there was a 61 percent reduction rate of chronic health complaints among seniors who had used CBD for health benefits.

This reduction is chronic pain could have been responsible for some of the other benefits reported at the time, such as those who experienced a better mood or improved sleep quality.

As you can imagine, many of the older generations will turn to alternative methods of administrating CBD when compared to younger generations, with vapes and smoking being the least used method.

The most popular method involved the use of drops in the mouth, which had been used by 54.4% of seniors. Tied in at 21.1% was those who used drops in beverages and those who opted for CBD infused edibles, like brownies, to achieve relief.

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When it comes down to it, the impact that CBD is having on the older generation is impossible to ignore.

The statistics reported above are based on a very small sample of people, and it’s likely that if larger studies were to be undertaken, the stigma surrounding older people using the chemical compound for relief would reduce.

With that being said, many of the older generation interviewed about their CBD usage as part of this survey didn’t seem to mind admitting that CBD had helped them, with 78% saying they were satisfied with the product.

Perhaps the most surprising outcome of this entire study, and the statistic you were waiting for, is that 89% of seniors would also recommend CBD for health-related purposes to a family or friend.

This information shows us that all generations are making a shift towards more natural medications, with CBD the frontrunner for many other therapeutic plants that could provide similar results.

Though we are currently not 100 percent on the benefits and potential consequences of CBD, it’s clear to see that all generations are receiving some level of relief form the drug, a fact which should be noted and celebrated by government officials at a federal level.

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